What is a Group?

Minimum group requirements vary per show. Generally need 10-15 guests to be eligible for the group discount.

How much do you save when coming out as a group?

The ticket discounts vary per show and vary per price level. Ask your group sales representative for specifics.

Is promotional material available?

Yes! Our job is to make your job easier when collecting your group totals. Flyers are available upon request to send via email for distribution among your group or for posting on site to your company or organizational website.

How to book your group?

Simply contact group sales by phone or email. The group sales rep will collect your contact information, payment information and ticket order.

What are my payment options?

The Lowell Memorial Auditorium offers three options to pay for your group order… by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), by Company or Organizational Check (no personal checks) or by Cash. Any Cash or in-person payments MUST be scheduled in advance with your group sales representative.

How do I receive my tickets?

Tickets will either be mailed or left at the Auditorium box office at will call. Group orders cannot be sent via email.

How Much is Parking?

Event parking fees depend on the event and aviaiability of parking around the Auditorium. 


Please go to our Directions page for door-to-door directions.

When should we arrive for the event?

Doors generally open one hour before shows time. Please confirm with your group sales representative.

Does my child need a ticket?

General rule of thumb, if the child is under 2 years old and not occupying a seat, they do not need a ticket. Rules vary per show though. Please confirm with your group sales representative.

What is the deadline for ordering group tickets?

Deadline to place a group orders is the day before the start of the show(s).

Are refunds available?

No. All group sales are final. No exemptions.

Can I add tickets to my groups order?

Yes! Any group that has placed a group order has the option to add to those totals at a later date. Add on orders are all based on ticket availability.

What if I lose my tickets?

No problem. Contact group sales and we will reprint your order.

Is handicap accessible seating available for group ticket orders?

Yes! Group sales representatives are able to process group orders in handicap accessible seating areas.

What information is needed when placing a group order?

The Auditorium will need your basic contact information, show you wish to attend and your group totals.

Are there any additional fees when placing a group order?

This depends on the event, all events vary on additional fees. Ask your group sales representative when inquiring about Group Sales!